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The village, known in Anglo Saxon times as Ticceanmersce (Ticca's Marsh), has links to many national historical events including the Civil War and the Gunpowder Plot.

The first poet laureate John Dryden spent his childhood here. The modern day village is a thriving community which boasts a mediaeval church, the site of a mediaeval fortified manor house, a village school, community shop, clubroom, public house, and playing fields with a pavilion. Many of the houses are built of local limestone, several of which are thatched and a number listed.

Recent News and Updates

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    Village Shop "Lurve" Quiz - Saturday 25th February - 7.30pm

    In the Clubroom - £10 per ticket - tables of 8

    Christmas now has been & gone, & we’ve drunk all the fizz [...]

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    Back by popular demand...

    The search for Titchmarsh Manor replayed

    So many people expressed disappointment at having missed Clive Carter’s entertaining presentation on his search for Titchmarsh’s lost manor house that he has kindly agreed to repeat it in the Clubroom on Thursday 23rd February, starting at 7.30pm. [...]

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    The Village Shop Medicine Cabinet

    Remedies at Hand for Seasonal Sniffles

    If (like me) you are suffering from seasonal sniffles or if everything you eat feels like barbed wire - then do not despair. The remedy (or remedies) could be closer at hand than you think. You may not realise it but the Village Shop has a very healthy selection of soothers, syrups and suppressants which will have you back on your feet in no time. They stock everything from Lemsip to Strepsils and plenty more in between. There's even a selection of child friendly items - including Calpol and Nurofen. [...]

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    Titchmarsh Books, CDs and Calendars

    Perfect Last Minute Presents

    Are you looking for a special, last minute gift? How about something that tells people about where you live? In recent years the Titchmarsh History Group have published no fewer than 3 books and a CD about our village. You can buy all of them today at the Village Shop. [...]


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