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The village, known in Anglo Saxon times as Ticceanmersce (Ticca's Marsh), has links to many national historical events including the Civil War and the Gunpowder Plot.

The first poet laureate John Dryden spent his childhood here. The modern day village is a thriving community which boasts a mediaeval church, the site of a mediaeval fortified manor house, a village school, community shop, clubroom, public house, and playing fields with a pavilion. Many of the houses are built of local limestone, several of which are thatched and a number listed.

Recent News and Updates

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    Village Shop Vandalised

    Break-In Attempt Hours After Police Give Titchmarsh Glowing Report!

    At last night's Annual Parish Meeting, local bobby PC Paul Minchinson, praised Titchmarsh for our can-do attitude and sense of community. The village, he said, has one of the lowest rates of crime in the region. We have as many incidents in a year as some local towns experience in a single night. He was particularly impressed with our Facebook page and encouraged villagers to use it more often to report incidents and anti-social behaviour. Our vigilance continues to play a vital role in helping the police prevent and solve local crimes. [...]

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    Titchmarsh Nature Reserve

    Our Own Green Oasis

    The Nature Reserve is a little green jewel in the Titchmarsh crown. It sits in a hollow on the other side of the A605 on the farthest edge of our Parish. At this time of year it provides one of the best walks in the area. The path around the central lake is about 3 miles long - half the distance of the forthcoming 10k. Indeed, if you're thinking of taking part in this year's event, twice around the lake is a lot more fun and no less taxing than running on the road! I've been down there a couple of times this week accompanied by my pooch, Bingle. I'm trying to get us both fit for an impending trip to the Lake District. Thankfully the terrain is very easy-going - like a walk in the park - and a quick lap around the water takes no more than 50 minutes. [...]

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    Regional Foods

    TVS supports local producers

    Having introduced Wessex Flour Mills products just before Easter I thought it would be good to highlight just some of the other regional produce at your local village shop. [...]

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    New Season Asparagus 

    Season Treat Arrives at TVS

    Just in - new season Asparagus grown in Polebrook by Ashby's. Such a short season - enjoy it while you can. And in preparation for that wonderful asparagus risotto you are going to make the shop also stocks arborio rice and parmigiana cheese. [...]


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