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The village, known in Anglo Saxon times as Ticceanmersce (Ticca's Marsh), has links to many national historical events including the Civil War and the Gunpowder Plot.

The first poet laureate John Dryden spent his childhood here. The modern day village is a thriving community which boasts a mediaeval church, the site of a mediaeval fortified manor house, a village school, community shop, clubroom, public house, and playing fields with a pavilion. Many of the houses are built of local limestone, several of which are thatched and a number listed.

Recent News and Updates

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    Doris Day

    Amber Weather Warning For Our Region

    Doris arrived in full force on Thursday with reports of fallen trees and road closures following quickly in her wake. As hurricane-force winds battered much of Northants, the met-office issued an amber weather warning: [...]

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    Get Ready to Run!

    Only 12 weeks to go to the Titchmarsh 10k Road Race

    Each week we're going to publish a suggested training schedule that should allow novice runners to achieve that distance. Please take care if you're training for a run for the first time and do not push yourself too hard. [...]

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    Back this year

    After a break because of the Queen's 90th birthday last year the Big Lunch is back. On Sunday 4th June everyone in the community is invited to lunch in and around the church. Just bring along some food to share and whatever you want to drink. Crockery, cutlery & glasses will be provided. There will be tables & chairs in the church but if the weather is kind and you want to picnic you might want to bring chairs & picnic rugs. [...]

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    New PFA Website

    Race Registration, Online Booking Enquiries & More

    The new Playing Fields Association Website is now up and running! Please feel free to take a look and, while you're there, sign up for the 3k Fun Run or 10k Road Race! [...]


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