A New Village Web Site

Regular visitors to this website will have noticed something a little different about the place. That’s right. The Village Website has been completely updated. Technology doesn’t stand still and neither does Titchmarsh! With the advent of better and faster platforms it was time to introduce something a bit more up to date. The new site boasts a host of new features designed to make the site easier to navigate and explore. There’s a brilliant new calendar system to help the community share and promote events as well as a new submission form to help people add their own news stories.

For the most part the new site works exactly the same as the old one. There are however a few things to note:

Passwords: For security reasons, passwords from the old site have not been retained. This means that if you want to log-in (to add a news story or an event) you will first need to regenerate a new password. This is a very simple task which you can do in a couple of seconds. Just go to this page, pop in your email address and a new password will be sent to you.

Daily Digest: If you received the Daily Digest on the old site then you will continue to do so. The new version of the Digest may have arrived in your inbox already. If you no-longer wish to receive it simply “unsubscribe” following the link at the foot of the email. Several New Digest will be made available shortly including an “Event Only” update.

Titchmarsh Groups and Societies: One of the things we wanted to achieve with this new version of the site is to make it easier to find things. For that reason we’ve made it possible to go to almost any page on the site directly from the Home page. This includes the new Our Community page which lists all the groups, clubs and societies in the village. Some of the information shown on these pages is getting a little out-of-date. If you would like to update the information available to visitors, send the details to Antar at info@perchpolemedia.com.

Knowledge base: There is a new Knowledge Base feature on this site. You can access it via the links on the main menu at the top of each page (under “Help & Contacts“)  or via the links in the right-hand margin of this page. The Knowledge Base articles will be updated at regular intervals especially when in response to questions posted by visitors. If you have a question about the site, please don’t hesitate to ask a question.

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