Advent Sunday: Sermon and Prayers

Dear All

Advent Sunday is the first Sunday of the new church year, and we are now preparing to celebrate Jesus’ birth on Christmas day.  Although the weather is dark and gloomy and Covid-19 restrictions are keeping us apart, we are looking forward to the light which that birth brings to our lives. 

I attach the sermon preached by Rev Liz Waller together with our prayers which were led by Ewan Harper.  Please do share with others as you feel appropriate.

The readings were: Isaiah 64: 1-9;      1 Corinthians 1: 3-9;       Mark 13: 24-37   Psalm 80: 1-8, 18-20

Details for joining our weekly on-line service can be obtained from Stephen Barber at   Our next online service will be Sunday 6th December at 10.30am.    Please note the revised start time.  If you have not experienced our on-line worship thus far, please do give it a try. We are always pleased to see new faces.

For details of all other services in December, please see the Titchmarsh Times or Pink Sheet.