News from the Titchmarsh History Association…

It Was There All The Time

A few months ago the History Association challenged Clive Carter to use his extensive research skills to solve a conundrum that, over the years, has perplexed many historians, including Helen Belgion the author of the comprehensive ‘Titchmarsh Past and Present’. The question is, ‘Where exactly was the Titchmarsh manor house, the home of the Pickering family?’ The prime candidates for its location were the playing field, the corner of Church Field near the Islington/Plum Pudding Road junction, or a site out at The Warren.

Titchmarsh History Association

You may recall that we are attempting to get two lanes, Back Lane and Bird’s Lane, classified as authorised footpaths. Thanks to everyone who submitted evidence to support our case, we have had our application to the County Council for Back Lane acknowledged, and the request have been given a priority ranking of 8. Encouraged by this, we have just submitted a similar application for Bird’s Lane to be recognised as a public footpath.

An outdoor history lesson

Did you see that large group of people strolling purposefully through the village last Tuesday, and did you wonder who they were? They were members of Wellingborough U3A, the University of the Third Age. They were the latest group to visit the village to discover more about our fascinating history. Using the Heritage Trail leaflet, they focused particularly on the impact of the Lovell and Pickering families on the village. And some of the information that Ian and Terry were able to provide was hot off the press, Clive Carter's latest forensic analysis of old maps and documents providing some surprising and very exciting revelations. More on this at a later date.