In common with many Northamptonshire villages, the Anglican church community plays an important part in the social and religious activities within Titchmarsh and is blessed with the home of the beautiful church of St. Mary the Virgin more...

The Church is Victim to more vandalism

The door of the shed was jemmied again, damaging the bolt and lock; total waste of time as there is absolutely nothing in the shed worth stealing.  The bird screen on the north door was forced open, fortunately only minor damage. A further small pane of glass has been broken to join the one broken a couple of weeks ago. Sad really.

Midsummer Masquerade Ball

Just a quick reminder to say that the full amount for your tickets if due by 01/06/2017 (Thursday!). Lots of you have made deposits but now we need you to get us the rest of your ticket money before this coming thursday.

Masquerade Ball – 24th June 2017

We are about to start advertising the ball outside of the village, so if you would like to secure you tickets we need your deposits ASAP.

Farewell to Helen

The shop was sad to say goodbye to  one of it's longstanding volunteers Mrs Helen Mynors who has been with the shop for nearly nine years covering a four hour shift every Monday.

Lead Theft from Church Roof

We discovered this morning at the Monday Morning Cafe that some lead had been removed from the roof over the servery area.  We believe it might have been around 4.30 to 5am as some noise was heard and a vehicle was heard in Islington at around 5.06am.

Singers Wanted for Three Events in St Mary's Church

The Benefice Choir is being temporarily revived and is looking for sopranos, altos, tenors and basses for three services which are planned for the next few months in St Mary's:

St Mary the Virgin Church a Victim of Crime

Some time between last Monday afternoon and Saturday night many kitchen tools were taken from the servery. This included knives, soup ladles, cake slices and a few other small items all amounting to about £130 worth .

Church Organ Restoration Underway

The restoration of the church organ is fully underway. On Monday a team of craftsmen travelled down from Durham and began the delicate task of taking the great instrument apart. In just a few short days the organ has been reduced to something that resembles an eccentric Heath Robinson jigsaw puzzle.

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