Locals Foil Crime in the Act

Titchmarsh Spirit Comes to the Rescue

On Thursday morning a couple of plucky locals caught someone in the act of dumping a caravan in Back Lane. At around 7am a 4×4 was seen towing the caravan into the lane by one of the locals. Not long after it appeared to get stuck. Alerted to this suspicious activity, the pair waited until the driver was distracted before making their approach. Thinking quickly, one parked across the entrance of lane whilst the other phoned the police.

The driver, meanwhile, was busy at he rear of his 4×4 struggling to unhitch the caravan. Unfortunately for him, he'd left the engine running – which meant the keys were in the ignition. One of the villagers reached in, grabbed the keys and promptly pocketed them.

Realising his predicament, the driver set off on foot in the direction of Islington. With the police now on their way, the villagers decided to follow him, this time from the safety of their own cars.

After some distance one drove ahead, leaving the man walking between the 2 vehicles. The driver probably didn't realise this, not until he turned around to walk in the opposite direction…

The police soon arrived and the man was led away in handcuffs…

There's probably a lot more to tell – which I'll post here when I can. In the meantime, 3 cheers for our plucky locals! They exemplify the Titchmarsh spirit.