LEJOG – Days 13 and 14

I am very pleased to report that at 4pm on Saturday, after 14 days and over 1,000 miles in the saddle, Stephen and Peter finally arrived in John O'Groats! This is a truly epic achievement by the two Titchmartians and one which - thanks to Stephen's notes - we've been able to follow all the way.

LEJOG Diary – Day 8 to Day 12

After more than 10 days in the saddle, Peter Dunn and Stephen Barber are closing in on their goal. In recent days their grueling journey has taken them across the Forth Road Bridge, through Peebles and on to Perth. They have just reached Inverness - which means John O'Groats is a mere 163 miles away! The only problem is that they are now in the highlands which promises some of the toughest terrain of the entire adventure. Luckily for us, Stephen is keeping notes along the way. Here's the latest so far...

LEJOG Diary – Week 1

Villagers Stephen Barber and Peter Dunn are cycling all the way from Land's End to John O'Groats (LEJOG). They have only 2 weeks to complete the journey - a whopping 1,000+ miles - often travelling off the beaten track along B roads and country lanes. Their winding route passes through some of our finest countryside with the occssional pause to take in the sights. It all sounds like a great adventure - so it's good to know that Stephen is keeping a diary along the way. Here are his first 7 entries...

Titchmarsh Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve is a little green jewel in the Titchmarsh crown. It sits in a hollow on the other side of the A605 on the farthest edge of our Parish. At this time of year it provides one of the best walks in the area. The path around the central lake is about 3 miles long - half the distance of the forthcoming 10k.

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