TVS New Ranges

Cheese Update!

Following last weeks very successful launch of Quicke’s Devonshire Red cheese Jane has decided to trial two more English cheeses. They are Hawks Wensleydale and Colton Bassett Shropshire Blue. Along with the already very popular Barbers Vintage Cheddar and Lancashire Bomb we really can offer you a high quality cheese board.

As the shop has limited space in the fresh food chiller we want to be able to sell foods that you tell us are good – so when you try these new ranges please report back and tell us what you think.

To the cheese biscuit selection Jane has now added a seeded cracker from the Artisan Biscuits range and we also offer a variety of chutneys including the Man Foods Spiced Mango chutney which we have been told goes down very well with a nice piece of cheddar.

What’s New at TVS

Regular shoppers at TVS will be aware that Jane, the shop manager, has recently been clearing less popular lines and bringing in new goodies to temp your tastebuds and this week is no exception!

New in the chiller is Quicke’s Devonshire Red cheese – this is along side the already very popular Barbers Vintage Cheddar and the Lancashire Bomb. A variety of savoury biscuits and chutneys are also available to make up the perfect lunch time platter.

Look along the shelf in the chiller and you will see the range of Meah’s Curry Sauces that we have been selling for some time and which are getting rave reviews. Now to enjoy with these Jane has introduced a range of naan bread and two different mango chutneys. Sharwoods is the sweet type of chutney that most people will recognise, but if you want something which is a little more of a kick try the Man Food Spiced Chutney.

If you have not been into your local shop for a while do try to pop in and see more of the new ranges that have been introduced.

Time to Spare?

Could you help your local community shop?

Have you found that now, for what ever reason, you have a few hours a week to fill. Perhaps you are new to the village and want to find a way to meet people. Do you just want to give something back to the community?

Titchmarsh Village Shop could be just the place for you.

At the moment the shop is run by Jane, our manager, who puts in many more hours than she is contracted for. Her helpers are a dedicated band of volunteers who, with Jane, manage to keep the shop open full days Monday to Friday and until lunchtime at the weekend. But we really do need more help.

It would be wonderful if we did not have to struggle to cover slots when illness hits or the holiday season is upon us. It would be brilliant if we could have two volunteers in the shop at all times and it would be an enormous help to Jane if she could just ‘get on with her paperwork’ without having to keep an eye on the shop as well.

We also need people who do not want a regular slot but are happy to help out on an ad hoc basis, or who will do deliveries in the village or will help with the collection of soft fruits during the summer months. There are many ways in which volunteers can help keep our village shop open.

Our current volunteers are a very friendly bunch who are eager to help new recruits learn the ropes. Everyone understands that there will be times that you can’t help out because of other commitments and that is when everyone else pulls together.

So if you think you could you could help us, pop into the shop and have a chat with whoever is behind the counter or e-mail Jane at – she will all be delighted to hear from you.

Make This Holiday Weekend BBQ Time!

Burgers, Sausages, Rolls and Strawberries

So here we are, end of May and the holiday weekend. No matter what the weather time for an impromptu BBQ.

You don't have to travel far to get all you need. As usual we have sausages in the chiller and now in the freezer you will find chicken to make your kebabs with and beef burgers made by the local butcher in Thrapston, H Johnson

We will have our usual supply of soft rolls – remember we will not get fresh supplies on the holiday Monday so better stock up in advance – and we always carry the fresh basics to put a salad together.

Fresh strawberries from Lutton Farm, meringues, shortbread and cream will make the perfect dessert. And to wash it all down we have soft drinks, a good range of wines and local beers.

Keep the car on the drive and just stroll down to the village shop for all you need for a great holiday feast.

Strawberry Time!

New season crop arrives at TVS

Oh the taste of English strawberries- a true sign that summer is on its way, and now they have arrived in their full glory at the village shop. 

What could be better than to enjoy these wonderful fruits accompanied by a glass of something chilled and sparkling (also available at the shop) – who needs Wimbledon!

We have a regular supply throughout the season coming from Lutton Farm and to make a really special dessert we are now stocking a range of flavoured meringues and meringue baskets as well as our usual lines of shortbread and double cream.

Alternatively for a simple but extravagant pleasure – just melt a bar of your favourite chocolate and dip your strawberry in……… wonderful!!

Mary Berry Comes to TVS


Well no, not actually Mary Berry but we are now stocking her brand of Hollandaise Sauce, Salad Dressing and Ceasar Salad dressing.

The Hollandaise has arrived just in time for you to pair with the wonderful fresh asparagus we are selling and the other dressings will be a great accompaniment to those summer salads you serve with your BBQ – lots of flavour but no hassle in the kitchen!

Pop into the shop over the Bank Holiday weekend to see what else we have in the way of holiday treats!


Farewell to Helen

Special Thanks to a Longstanding Shop Volunteer

The shop was sad to say goodbye to  one of it's longstanding volunteers Mrs Helen Mynors who has been with the shop for nearly nine years covering a four hour shift every Monday.

Liz Knivett very kindly hosted an afternoon Tea party in her conservatory to which current volunteers were invited to say goodbye.

There was an array of wonderful Quiches and Cakes baked specially for the occasion by said volunteers.

Helen was presented with a bouquet on behalf of the shop committee and a collection from her friends bought a generous amount of John Lewis vouchers.

Bank Holiday Monday

TVS Opening Hours

TVS will be open on Bank Holiday Monday from 8.00am closing at 11.00am.

If you are entertaining over the holiday weekend you might like to try out our new range of cakes made by Real Norfolk and The Great British Cake Company. We have only had these in stock for a few days but they are already proving to be very popular.

Of course usual supplies such as milk and eggs will be available as well as locally grown asparagus.

New Treats to Try

TVS introduces new ranges

While keeping all our usual stock items we have decided to add a few new ranges to delight the tastebuds whilst ensuring they will not be hard on the wallet!

New to our wine selection are three English wines produced by Broadland Wineries in Norwich .We have a red, white and rose at just £5.50 per bottle from their Three Mills Reserve range. 

Cakes from the Real Norfolk Company are Mixed Fruit and Apple and Cinnamon. We have also introduced a few items from the Shire Foods range, including Large Oats (for those who like a hearty breakfast or flapjacks with a bit of bite!)

Do come in to see what else is new – and when you have tried them let us know what you think.