A45 Roadworks Between Stanwick & Raunds

Plans are afoot to resurface the A45 between Stanwick and Raunds next month. Work will be carried out on both carriageways from 2 October until 20th October. The road will closed each night at 8pm until 6am the following morning. Diversions will be in operation re-routing traffic via the A14 at Juntion 13 or on to the A6 at the Chowns Mill Roundabout. As well as resurfacing, the operation will also include the removal of vegetation, layby patching as well as other maintenance activities.

Whilst no major disruption is anticipated, ENC warn that all planned roadworks are subject to change due to weather conditions  or unforeseen circumstances

For more details on the ENC site, click here.

More Roadworks Ahead

A605 Peterborough / Oundle Road – Patching and Surfacing

Northamptonshire Highways is planning to carry out carriageway patching / surfacing of the A605 Peterborough / Oundle Rd. The extents of the works will be from the Northamptonshire County boundary sign (nr Warmington) to the Oundle Bypass (Second bridge over the Nene River). Currently the works are scheduled to start on site on August 17 – completing before the August bank holiday subject to weather.

The work will be carried out under phased full road closure(s) with a fully signed diversion route for all through traffic using the A1(M) Peterborough / A14 Thrapston and vice versa. Highways are operating a closure to protect both the public / workforce and expedite the work efficiently.

The closure(s) will be in force weekday nights between 20.00pm – 06.00am and weekends between Fri 20.00pm – Mon 06.00am (24 hour).

Signs will be erected in advance nearer the time confirming actual dates and times prior to starting informing the general public, along each phase of the site.

Every effort will be made to limit the disruption but some inconvenience will result. It is suggested that you allow a little more time for journeys during the times of the closures.

A605 Roadworks Confusion

More Information and Road Map

There has been some confusion regarding the impending A605 road closure and what impact this may have on village movements. The situation isn't helped by the road signage which is rather unclear. What is clear is that a stretch of the A605 between the Titchmarsh junction and the roundabout near Thrapston is being resurfaced. The road will be closed for a number of days – but how exactly will this affect local residents? There are 2 specific issues:

  • Access/Egress to and from the village by local residents via the junction on the A605 at the end of Church St.
  • The prospect of diversions directing traffic through the village via Islington.
  • Enquiries have now been made and my understanding is that a diversion is to be put in place to direct south-bound traffic off the A605 at Oundle and along the A427 towards Benefield. Traffic traveling north will be fed off the A45 and A14 on to the A6116 towards Sudborough. These diversions will create a rather convenient Titchmarsh "by-pass" and should ensure that little or no additional non-local traffic passes through the village.

    The junction on the A605 is a separate issue. Due to the nature of the road surfacing operation, Highways are unable to say precisely when it will be closed. The situation will likely change from day to day. What this means is that even though the diversions are in place, local traffic may still be able to enter and exit the village via the A605 junction.

    Work begins on the 19th May and is scheduled to last until the 25th. I understand Northamptonshire Highways are to update the road signage as soon as possible to make the information clearer. In the meantime, to view a road map of the of the proposed works and diversions, please visit:


    Search for "Titchmarsh" to centre the map on the village.