Churchyard Tidy

Every autumn (usually the wettest, soggiest Sunday of the year) villagers come together to tidy the churchyard. Paths are swept, weeds are weeded and moss is scraped and poked into submission. It all happens in a couple of hours between 10:30 and 12:30. The more people that come, the easier the jobs are to complete. It’s great fun and not very hard work at all.

Best of all, after the tools are put away, everyone is invited back for a little light lunch and cheer. If you’d like to help, come along to the church around 10:30 after morning service.

One job that isn’t on the list this year is the churchyard wall. Anyone who has passed that way recently cannot have failed to notice how much neater it is looking. Gone are the weeds choking the gaps between the stones – as are the piles of rotting leaves collecting at the bottom. This was no mean feat. The wall in question runs from the gate next to the school all the way down the length of Church Street – almost to the first house. No wonder the task took several days to complete.

The person we have to thank for this, is of course, Alan Powell. When it comes to doing jobs for the village, Alan is usually one of the very first people in the queue. When it comes to recognition, however, he’s usually no-where to be seen. And so it might have been again in the case of the wall had I not been contacted by someone from the village who insisted Alan should be mentioned in dispatches for all his hard work. Quite right too. Alan was assisted over several days by Jeff Hunter, Ian Curtis, Phil Green and Bryan Tourle – all keen to do their bit for the village.

Next weekend, you can do your bit too. Sunday 15th October at 10:30. Everyone welcome.


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