Final Wheatsheaf Quiz of 2023 on Thursday

Just a quick reminder that the final pub quiz of 2023 is taking place this Thursday at 8:00pm! It will follow hot on the heels of the Bingo which starts at 6pm. Once Jules has called the last numbers and presented the prizes, we’ll be into quiz mode and it’s already shaping up to be a little bit special.

You see, one team in particular has done rather well at quizzes this year. Perhaps too well! Maggy Chapman’s team (which typically includes husband, Melvyn, Paul & Lucy Milner, Jonathan Hope, Ian Teague, Steve Mansfield and Antar Howarth) have won several times in 2023. Understandably, this has led to some lively banter and suggestions that the team might want to find something else to do on quiz nights!

So, it will come as some relief to learn that Maggy’s team will not be competing on Thursday night. Instead, they will be asking the questions. Each member of the team will be presenting their own round designed to tease and befuddle your little grey cells – and quite possibly their own!

So do come along and enjoy a light-hearted festive mash-up of all your favourite quiz categories. Tables are still available. Simply contact Gemma and she’ll sort you out.

01832 732203

If you haven’t got your own team, speak to Gemma and she’ll squeeze you in somewhere. So put down that turkey sandwich and get yourself to the Wheaty!

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