Flower & Vegetable Show

Saturday 12th August 2017

Saturday 12th August, 2017 Starts 2:30pm in Titchmarsh church

This year's Show will be in the Church again, although unfortunately we are not able to use the church field for car parking. The Show opens to the public at 2.30pm, there will be a raffle, refreshments, tombola and skittles throughout the afternoon, followed by the presentation of prizes at 4.30pm and auction of Show produce at 5pm.   Programmes will be delivered to every house in Titchmarsh in the middle of July.

Posted by Sylvia Prestwich on Thu 6th July, 2017 in General News

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Nicholas Partridge Fri,7th Jul at 1:10 pm (July 7)

What I'd like to know is the subjects for the photography classes.

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