Fathers' Day Sunday June 18th

See what treats TVS has to offer

Fathers' Day is fast approaching and Titchmarsh Village Shop has lots of treats to help make the day special for your dad.

As well as a novelty chocolates and biscuits, chocolate mints, salted caramels and boxed fudge we have just introduced a range of "old fashioned sweets". Sherbet Lemons, American Hard Gums, Fruit Drops and Bulls Eyes to name just a few - memories from childhood.

We have our usual range of wines and beers and should the weather improve, don't forget that we have sausages, burgers and chicken all locally supplied to help you cook up a great BBQ as a Fathers' Day feast. Follow this up with beautiful strawberries and raspberries fresh from Lutton Farm.

Just arrived we also have a range of Fathers' Day cards - something for every taste.

Make 18th June a very special day for your dad and let your local village shop help you do it.


Posted by Denise Tourle on Tue 6th June, 2017 in General News

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