Local Services

Useful Services Offered by the Community

  • Marquee Hire

    Hire a Village Marquee for your Event

    You're probably aware that the village owns several large marquees. These often appear at annual events such as the Fete or Music in the Marsh. What you may not be aware of, however, is that all of the marquees are available for hire - for local clubs and organisations or for private functions. more...

  • Business Directory Submission

    Add Your Business to the Directory

    If you would like to add your business or service to the Directory, please fill out the form below. Try to provide as much information as possible. Not only will this make it easier to identify your business it will also make it easier for people to find you if they are searching for a particular service. more...

  • Footpath Map

    An Interactive Guide to the Footpaths in and Around Titchmarsh

    The map below shows all of the registered footpaths, byways and bridleways in Titchmarsh. Use your mouse to navigate around the map. Click and drag to move and scroll the wheel to zoom in and out. more...

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