TEG News Flash – Blister Packs


TEG can NO LONGER recycle medical blister packs at the Recycling Hub at The Wheatsheaf as the only recycling stream available is by Aldi via Terracycle that will only accept 30 blister packs fortnightly. So, we encourage you to ALL sign up to:

The Aldi Blister Pack Envelope Recycling Programme:


It is very easy to do. You need to register with Terracycle, click on the Aldi Blister Pack Programme and print off a FREE shipping label to recycle all brands of empty medicine blister packs. Your envelope can be no bigger than C4 32cm x 22cm. You can do this every 2 weeks if you have 30 blister packs to recycle during that time.

From now on PLEASE DO NOT PUT BLISTER PACKS IN ANY OF THE BINS AT THE RECYCLING HUB as we will not be able to send these large amounts to Terracycle.

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