Titchmarsh Nature Reserve

Our Own Green Oasis

The Nature Reserve is a little green jewel in the Titchmarsh crown. It sits in a hollow on the other side of the A605 on the farthest edge of our Parish. At this time of year it provides one of the best walks in the area. The path around the central lake is about 3 miles long – half the distance of the forthcoming 10k. Indeed, if you’re thinking of taking part in this year’s event, twice around the lake is a lot more fun and no less taxing than running on the road! I’ve been down there a couple of times this week accompanied by my pooch, Bingle. I’m trying to get us both fit for an impending trip to the Lake District. Thankfully the terrain is very easy-going – like a walk in the park – and a quick lap around the water takes no more than 50 minutes.

It’s a great way to step out and see some stunning countryside into the bargain. It’s also incredibly peaceful. The fact that the reserve sits in a hollow means there’s very little noise and almost no wind. Apart from the occasional goose or swan, the only thing you’ll hearĀ is the buzzing of bees. People are also fairly thin on the ground too. In two outings this week I’ve passed 4 people and as many dogs. It’s truly a little green oasis.

If you’re looking for somewhere different to walk or just want to soak up a bit more of our glorious countryside, then the nature reserve is a delightful place to be.


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