Vehicle Crime on High Street

Police are appealing for information/witnesses to a few incidents that have occurred in the area. Any information/witnesses, Please call our Police 101 non-emergency numbers quoting the below relevant incident crime References.

Between 12/10/20 189:00hrs and 12/10/20 07:00hrs on the High Street Tichmarsh unknown Person has removed the victims number plates from the vehicle. Crime reference 20000538636

On the same street and area, on the 10/10/20 between 00:00hrs and 06:00hrs unknown suspect has removed the front number plate from the vehicle, believed to be using a screwdriver or similar. The rear number plate is still in place, but the fixings have been interfered with and were found loose. Crime Reference 20000539017

On the 09/10/20 between 01:00hrs and 07:00hrs, on George Drive, Oundle, a vehicle has been Broken into and items stolen from within the vehicle, Crime Reference 20000539109