Your Village Shop Needs You!

The village shop is only able to survive thanks to the generosity of its volunteers. They man the till, stack the shelves, even collect the newspapers. Put simply, Titchmarsh wouldn’t have a shop without them. Right now, however, that generosity is being stretched to the limit. When volunteers move on or no-longer have time, gaps appear in the rota which are becoming increasingly difficult to fill. Tuesday morning is a case in point. There are now two 1-hour slots without anyone to cover them. The shop desparately needs new volunteers to come forward.

Speaking as someone who does a shift in the shop every week, I know just how rewarding it can be. It’s a great way to put something back in the community pot and learn new skills into the bargain. It’s also a really nice opportunity to pass the time of day with villagers. On my shift I don’t do any real work at all. I actually spend most of it nattering with customers! The till is very easy to use and I’ve become a dab hand at weighing fruit and veg.

It’s about donating a little bit of your time. If you have just 1 hour to spare, you could really make a difference. If so, please pop along to the shop and have a word with Jane the manager. She will be only too happy to show you the ropes.

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