44th Annual Micro Show – 8th August 2020 – Winners

Heaviest Marrow
Brian Jeffries – his marrow weighted 42.8lbs

Best Allotment results

The Joan Wood Cup (best kept allotment at Tofts)
1st David & Diane Newbold
2nd Graham Webster
3rd James & Louise Stokes
VH commended:- Katie Waterfield
Highly commended:- Andrew Waterfield
Commended: Brian Jeffries

The Michael Alderman Cup (best kept allotment at Islington)
1st Phil Green
2nd Ray Banner
3rd Chris Sadler
VH commended:- Tony Winn
Highly commended:- David & Denise Clareboets
Commended: Tim Hollins

The Wheatsheaf’s Tallest Sunflower competition

The Wheatsheaf Trophy
Margaret Green – height of sunflower 11feet !

The Photo/Drawing competition – theme ‘Lockdown’

Children 6 years and under
1st Josh Fletcher age 6
2nd Josh Fletcher age 6

Children 7 – 12 years
1st Toby Fletcher age 9

1st Mindy Fagan
2nd Kate Eve
3rd Julia Fletcher

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