A Cry for Peace Around the World

Oyez Oyez Oyez

Citizens, one and all,
Please join this cry for peace, that you now hear from me.
Remember men & women, old & young, who died to make us free.
The women left at home did not just sit and wait.
They toiled in harsh conditions before dawn to very late.
Factories, farms, other essential jobs, the women were quick at learning.
They worked, some died, to keep the home fires burning.
As we remember this special day, do not forget that every day someone needs your aid,
Do not put away your poppies, letting your memories fade.
Celebrate with the knowledge that VE Day is also a time to remember,
Beyond the solemn wreaths of the 11th of November.
Let’s thank all those who have gone before, with their colours proudly unfurled.
Join us as united we say, “Peace to the world”.

God Save The Queen

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