A Message from the Chair

Well this was not the item I had been planning to write! With elections cancelled, and Brexit seeming an age away, we now have something much more serious to contend with. We will overcome the next few weeks by staying positive, being kind and caring for each other. Being neighbourly is what Titchmarsh is good at. People are genuinely offering to help anyone in need so please do contact them through the media, through the shop, through a phone call. Remember that the Wheatsheaf is currently able to deliver beer and meals so we should take full advantage of this.

Something I saw on line to cheer you up:

Breaking News:
Going outdoors is not (yet) cancelled
Music not cancelled
Reading not cancelled
Friends not cancelled
Singing not cancelled
Laughing not cancelled
Hope not cancelled
Let’s embrace what we have.
Learn the ukulele!
Just think of all those jobs at home we have been putting off!

We may not be able to see our families but a letter or drawing from a grand-child will brighten up the day.

Stay safe. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sara Wilcox
Titchmarsh Parish Council

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