Advance notification of Pre-Surface Dressing Carriageway patching – Oundle Road Titchmarsh/Thorpe Waterville

Pre-Surface Dressing Carriageway patching – Surface Dressing is a cost-effective road surface treatment used to prolong the life of roads that are starting to show the first signs of minor deterioration. It extends the life of the road surface, increases skid resistance, and seals the surface to stop water ingress, protecting it from damage caused by severe winter weather, such as potholes.

Prior to surface dressing, carriageway patching will be undertaken to address any minor issues to prepare the road for the dressing, which will take place in the summer.

Where: Oundle Road, Titchmarsh/Thorpe Waterville

When: Tuesday 30th May – Friday 9th June (weeknight working only)

How long: 9 Nights (22:00 – 07:00)

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