Titchmarsh is very fortunate to have 2 sites of allotments within the village. The sites are generally kept to a very high standard by our tenants. They are administered by The Parish Council.

Did you know? There have been allotments in Titchmarsh since 1820.Today there are around 60 plots available. These are let to around 50 tenants as a few people maintain 2 plots. There are 14 plots at Tofts and the remaining plots are at Islington. This is not that different to the number in 1820 and Tofts is noted in the original 1820 allocation of sites. There were many small locations throughout the Parish for other plots then, though.Did you know? A 1975 article about the Titchmarsh allotments estimated that perhaps 300 of the then population of 700 residents of the village would have be supported by food grown at the allotments.

There is some variation is size and we no longer insist on the traditional 10 poles minimum (approx. 250sqm).

Did you know? 250 sqm is approximately the size of a doubles tennis court

Most of the plots attract an annual rent of £16 and require a deposit of £50.

Did you know? In 1820 the rent was 3d – 6d per pole dependent on quality.

As an attachment to this document you can see the current Terms and Conditions for Tenants. You will see that there are clauses governing what can and cannot be cultivated, standards required and evictions. These are very much less draconian than those of 1820!

Did you know? In 1820 tenants were expected to grow mostly potatoes.

If you think you may be interested in renting an allotment in Titchmarsh, please contact the clerk at clerk@titchmarsh-pc.gov.uk who can supply details including if there are any vacant plots are if there is a short waiting lists. There is no requirement to be a resident of the village.

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