Anyone for tea…?

As you drive along High Street, you will have seen the sign advertising our “Tea Garden” in the Pound next to the Village Shop. Up until now, although you could chose from a variety of Bella Barista coffees, the only choice for the tea drinker was a regular British tea bag, available in standard “brown” or “builder’s” tea (if we gave the tea bag an extra squeeze).

Well, from today, that’s all changed with our new selection of Twinings teas. You can now chose from calming Chamomile, Earl Grey, Green or Peppermint teas and even a selection of fruit teas. These are served in our slightly smaller cups for a more intense flavour (though if size is important to you, you can have a larger cup for no extra charge).

So if you fancy a change to your normal brew, then you know where to come…

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