Applause for the NHS

There was a heart-felt and spontaneous show of support in Titchmarsh last night as villagers came out to thank the NHS. On the stroke of 8pm the sound of applause rippled through the streets from Islington to Polotpit as the community made their appreciation known. NHS staff have been on the front line against the coronavirus for weeks – putting their own health at risk to care for others. The outpouring of support this evening was the very least they deserve.

Local GP Kate Hughes took to Facebook to thank everyone:

Incredibly moved by the clapping tonight – thank you all on behalf of the NHS – we are really trying to keep you all as safe as well can!

Thank you too, Kate – and your colleagues. You’re all heroes.

Similar scenes took place across the country as people took part in a so-called “Clap for Carers” tribute, saluting NHS and care workers dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

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