April Parish Council Meeting Cancelled

In response to the coronavirus crisis the government has passed legislation allowing the temporary suspension of the need for parish council meetings to be held in person. The legislation also lifts the statutory requirement for councils to hold an annual meeting (usually in May). Also suspended is the need to post agendas and minutes on parish noticeboards. Whilst not specifically mentioned, it is a working assumption that Annual Parish Meetings will not be required this year. Further clarification is being sought on this.

Your Parish Council is keen to still be working for the good of the village and is looking at the options now available for holding meetings remotely through, for example, video conferencing technology. This is now legally allowed. Councils are encouraged to make all relevant documents available through their websites so that members of the community can still comment on agenda items. Councils are  also encouraged to hold the virtual meetings in a way which allows members of the public to take part subject to the usual standing orders.

Titchmarsh Parish Council has made the decision to NOT hold a meeting in April. The statutory minimum number of meetings in a year is just 3 (+ the annual meeting) and TPC is confident it will achieve that in the 12 months April 2020 – March 2021. We are actively looking at ways to hold a virtual meeting in May. Please keep an eye on the website for details of this and how you can be involved.

In the meantime, the clerk is working normally so you can contact the council in the usual way if there are matters you want to bring to its attention.

Thank you for your patience as we put these new procedures in place.


If you need to contact the Parish Council:

Jill Sardeson
Clerk to Titchmarsh Parish Council
20, Gordon Road, Oundle,
07932 359489
Email: clerk@titchmarsh-pc.gov.uk

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