Art Exhibition – Can You Help?

As you probably saw last week, there is an art exhibition happening later this month in the Church. It’s a fabulous, one-off opportunity to see the work of the very many and talented artists living in the village. There’s only one small problem. There are so many brilliant artisans in Titchmarsh that the organisers are struggling to find enough easels and presentation boards on which to mount their work! This, then, is a plea for help.

Do you have an easel that you could lend for a day or two? Perhaps you have some exhibition boards tucked away in the garage that are desperate to see the light of day again!

Either way, if you have anything that you think might be useful, please contact the STAUNCH team on They will be delighted to hear from you.

Obviously, not everyone can lay their hands on an easel. In that case, perhaps you might be able to help in a different way. The Exhibition is running over two days. When People come to view the work, they might be tempted to have a slice of cake! So, if you haven’t got an easel, maybe you’d like to bake a cake instead? Again, if you’d like to contribute, please have a word with the STAUNCH team. Some of the proceeds will be going into the STAUNCH coffers to help them in their continued fight against the warehouse developments.

Find out more about the Titchmarsh Art Exhibition here…

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