Bank Holiday Monday – Village shop open till 12.30pm

Another May Bank Holiday is nearly upon us, and in a previous life, the village shop would have been making tea and cakes for a flood of visitors for the Open Gardens day at Titchmarsh House…

…In “Lockdown world” the shop is still ready to help you enjoy a long and sunny weekend… if you are blowing the dust off your BBQ, then our pork and apple, or beef burgers may be just what you need, unless you prefer sausages or maybe a bacon sandwich. As barbecuing can be a thirsty business, our selection of beers and wines can help with your re-hydration therapy**

For afters, the new season local strawberries from Lutton  farm are sensationally sweet this year – a perfect treat, especially when drenched in fresh cream!

We’ve got the cheese course covered, but you’ll have to be quick to pick up your Port Salut or Colston Bassett Blue.

We’ve got plenty of bread on order to see us through the weekend, as Kings Cliffe bakery is closed for the bank holiday on Monday, but pop in before 11.00am today and we can take your order for delivery on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

** our scientific advisors have pointed out that you need water for re-hydration – you can’t use beer and wine for this…(but it is more fun )

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