Beer Tombola Appeal at the Village Shop…

At the Village Shop, we are looking forward to our National Bacon Day breakfast on Saturday 4th September when we will be setting up the BBQ on the village green and firing up the tea-urn to mark this important occasion.

At recent Village Shop events we have set up a side table to carry out the essential task of tasting our Titchmarsh Tipple Gin or monitoring the quality of the latest Malbec – important work, I am sure you will agree? This is all very well for lovers of the grape and grain, but there have been some grumblings that the beer lovers in the village have been overlooked thus far…

We plan to rectify this oversight with our BACON DAY BEER TOMBOLA…but we need your help…
You may well be familiar with the offerings of our local breweries, but we are casting our net a little wider and would like to feature beers (lager & cider too) from around the country, so we are appealing for donations.

Should you be popping off on holiday during August, could you keep an eye out for any local beers to add to our collection? For every bottle of beer donated you will receive a free tombola ticket – looks like a win win scenario to me!

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