Better Together – Passing On The Baton To Protect The Nene Valley

The Northamptonshire campaign group STAUNCH (Save Titchmarsh, Thrapston and Upper Nene Valley Countryside and Habitat) is delighted to announce that it has now partnered with the Nene Valley Association (NVA) to deliver our campaign against inappropriate, disproportionate, and unsustainable developments in the Upper Nene Valley.

Carew Treffgarne from the NVA handing over a cheque to
Sharon Cole, Secretary of STAUNCH, to add to the fighting fund

At the present time, there are plans under consideration by the local authorities for large warehouse developments at both ends of the A605. Two developments between Thrapston and Titchmarsh and one at the junction with the A1 in Huntingdonshire.

Kevin Shapland, Chair of STAUNCH, said:

Fast becoming known locally and nationally as the ‘County of Warehouses’, Northamptonshire is continuing to be consumed with large scale warehousing developments without any apparent countywide check on the overall impact to the county’s environment and communities.

At STAUNCH we are not anti-development but believe that any large developments should be appropriate, proportionate, and sustainable within the landscape areas in which they are sited.

It is common knowledge that there is a huge shortage of staff across the UK in the warehousing and logistics industry with employees having to be bused into the county on a daily or weekly basis from as far afield as Glasgow.

We are delighted to welcome our alliance with the NVA which will only strengthen our ability to tackle these issues and ensure that the concerns of local communities are heard.

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