Black bomber spotted in Titchmarsh

No NOT a Lancaster bomber… it’s a LANCASHIRE black bomber cheese, which has become quite a tradition in the village shop at Christmas.

Never tried one?…well this wonderful creamy full flavoured cheese will be on our tasting table at the Christmas Mini Market this Sunday.* We also have the Vintage Gold Bomb, which is a real show stopper strong cheese that has been matured for over three years.

Just over the border, those proud Yorkshireman – Wallace and Gromit, are leading the charge for Wensleydale. From Wales, the Snowdonia Cheese Company chips in with some Green Thunder and the Chilli infused Red Devil. With a Cashel from Tipperary, and a Petit Camembert from Rouzaire there’s no reason to feel cheesed off the Christmas…just get stocked up at the Village Shop.

* Christmas Mini Market starts 12 noon this Sunday where you can also pick up a venison or beef burger, followed by a Bella Barista coffee with homemade cake…Scrummy

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