Bonfire Night

As is customary at this time of year here is a little seasonal reminder about bonfire night. With news of the latest lockdown still fresh in our ears it’s understandable that families will want to get together and have a bit of fun. However, please remember that we live in a rural area surrounded by livestock, horses and other pets – all of which are terrified by fireworks.

Titchmarsh also has several thatched properties. As the events on High Street earlier this year demonstrated, thatch fires are catastrophic. So, if you are planning to let-off fireworks, please consider how your actions might affect others around you. If your neighbours have pets then perhaps let them know in advance so that they can make them as comfortable as possible.

Also, spare a thought for horses. They are easily spooked and have been known to jump out of their paddocks – often injuring themselves in the process.

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