Boundary Walk Success

There was an amazing turnout for this year’s Boundary Walk! Over 50 villagers – old and young – took part on a truly gloriously sunny day. Many of the walkers set out from St Mary’s church at 7:30am. The route of the medium and long versions of the walk cross the A14 in two places and so an early start is essential to avoid heavy traffic.

By far the biggest group of the day were taking part in the short walk (photo above). A number of four-legged friends came along too. They set out at 10:30am and headed in the direction of the Titchmarsh Nature Reserve for a 5 mile loop around the lakes.

This year’s walks were organised with the support of the STAUNCH Campaign. Their aim was to highlight the twin development sites on the edge of our village and explain the impact the proposed warehouses would have on the countryside. At various points along the route of the walks, speakers stopped to describe how the buildings would forever change the views and the local wildlife habitat. If the plans were to proceed, almost 300 acres of rolling green landscape would be covered in concrete and steel. We have to keep up the fight to ensure that does not happen.

A special STAUNCH T-shirt had been designed for the event and almost everyone who took part was wearing one. You can grabs yours using the button below. Every donation helps support the campaign.

Titchmarsh has one of the longest Parish boundaries in the county. This year 6 people completed the full 17+ mile circuit in a time of 5 hours and 24 minutes.

Many thanks Julia Powell, Sylvia Prestwich and Terry Higgins for organising the refreshment stops!

Titchmarsh Parish Boundary – Approximately 17.3 miles

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