Can you fathom our fearsomely fiendish Festive Quiz?

A mystery village couple have been busy compiling a cracking Christmas Quiz for the Village Shop Christmas Fayre. The challenge is to solve our 50 Christmas Clues by filling in the blanks on our answer sheet – for example: _ _ _ a _ _ _ _ c _ becomes BREaD SAUcE.

Amongst the answers you will find 15 songs, 6 films, 13 food items, 10 carols and 1 book, plus 4 clues covering 2 categories and 1 covering 3!

Quiz sheets cost just £1 and you can get yours from the Village Shop or on Sunday at the Christmas Fayre in the Church. You have until Monday 19th December to complete the challenge and return your answers to the Village Shop. The result will be announced on 20th December and in the event of a tie, we will draw the winner from our Christmas hat! Our Champion’s Prize will be a basket of festive goodies from the Village Shop.

So, who are our mystery compiling couple? …well here’s the clue – _ u _ _ and _ _ u _ _ i _ _ _ _

Good luck, and see you all on Sunday at the Christmas Fayre.

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