Castle Manor Farm Public Consultation Confirmation

As discussed in a post last week, the team behind proposals to develop the Castle Manor Farm site are holding a public Consultation in St Marys Church on 18th November. The time of the session has now been confirmed as 2:30pm – 7:30pm.

Members of a specialist consultant team will be on hand to answer questions for the entirety of the consultation event.

A second session will also be held in Thrapston at St James Church Hall on Wednesday 24th November at the same times as shown above.


Visitors to either event will be invited to complete a consultation questionnaire. However, the STAUNCH working group recommend that you do not complete this. The sole purpose of the questionnaire is to gain as much information about local objections as possible. The developers will use this information for their own benefit. They have not yet submitted a formal planning application and any information we provide gives them an opportunity to unpick our concerns before submitting one.

STAUNCH’s advice in relation to the consultation is simple:

  • Attend
  • Listen
  • Learn

If you are against the proposal, keep your objections to yourself at this stage but use the knowledge gained to formulate your response to the local authority once a formal planning application has been published.

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