ChatterPack Online Resources

A list of free, online, boredom-busting resources!

ChatterPack have put together a useful list of online resources – including everything from virtual tours to live streaming music concerts. There are also resources for those looking to deal with anxiety and loneliness as well as prayer resources. The list seems to go on for ever and everyone is certain to find something of interest.

Give it a look:

The site is run by Claire Ryan who works for the NHS and runs ChatterPack in her “spare” time!

ChatterPack makes ordinary resources and visuals extraordinary, our user-friendly ‘pickup-and-go’ resources include:
Straightforward, no-experience-required, step-by-step instructions.
Tips and advice throughout to make simple adaptions that will suit the individual needs of children and young people.
Designed using a positive, proactive approach, they encourage children and young people to develop independence skills through motivation, reward, and explicit teaching.
The tips and advice are great for CPD and those with experience will be able to transfer these into other situations when working with children and young people with SEND

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