Children’s Playground Remains Closed

There have been some concerns raised on Facebook about village children using the playground equipment and zipwire up at the playing fields. The PFA would like to remind everyone that even though some aspects of the lockdown have been relaxed the playground remains closed. As such, all of the equipment – including the zipwire – is off limits and must not be used.

Some items, including the swings, had been tied back to prevent people using them. During the last week, however, these ties have been cut. This is particularly concerning – not least because anyone who injures themselves using the playground equipment will not be covered by insurance.

On Thursday PFA Chair Paul Fletcher posted this update:

“The items of play equipment have been put out of service once again and the gates to the play area locked. The previous tie wraps had been cut off to allow access to the equipment. If this happens again, we will have to consider removing the seats to ensure they are not used.”

Paul would like to remind everyone that the current situation is dictated solely by current government policy – not the PFA. Further, their insurance policy does not cover any liability during the current Covid lockdown. The PFA are actively seeking a way around this but until the circumstances change, please stay off the playground equipment and zipwire.

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