Christmas Pub Quiz Sold Out

Depending on your point of view, Christmas is coming to the Wheatsheaf rather late this year – or incredibly early! At least that’s how it will seem on Tuesday night. The rescheduled “Christmas Quiz” is a complete sell out and Gemma and her team are pulling out all the stops to make it as festive as possible. The pub is being re-decorated. There will be mince pies and pigs in blankets to nibble on. There are even crackers on the tables! In fact the only thing that isn’t being put back in place is the Christmas tree.

Now here’s the rub. If you are coming to the quiz you need to get into the festive spirit too. Gemma has said there will be prizes on offer for the team that makes the most effort. That means wearing your best/worst Christmas jumper, some suitably Chrimbo-inspired headgear or perhaps a false Santa beard…? The choice is up to you.

Either way, get settled in early. Things are going to be rather cosy. There isn’t a spare seat in the pub. The Wheatsheaf is opening early at 7pm to deal with the expected rush.

The quiz starts at 8pm.

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