Clubroom to increase Hire Prices

The Clubroom has been at the heart of the Titchmarsh community since 1861 and continues to provide excellent facilities to a diverse range of activities from pre-school to Folk Dancing, the Afghan Hounds Association AGM to numerous village quizzes.

With the significant rise in costs that everyone is facing, and particularly those relating to energy, it is with very much regret that we have agreed as a committee to raise the hourly hire charge for the Clubroom.

We have estimated that our energy costs will increase from £2,200 per year to £8,000 for 2023. Based on the number of hours the Clubroom is hired each year, this equates to a cost per hour of over £6.00 just for energy usage. 

We have been very lucky not to have raised hire costs for a number of years, but as of January 1st 2023 our hourly costs will have to increase by 50% as follows:

Village Resident: Main Hall £12.00 Meeting Room £9.00 Both rooms £15.00
Non-Village Regular Hirer: Main Hall £15.00 Meeting Room £12.00 Both rooms £24.00
Non-Village Occasional Hirer: Main Hall £18.00 Meeting Room £15.00 Both rooms £30.00

I can only apologise on behalf of the committee for such a significant jump, but this only allows us to cover the increase in energy costs. As a Clubroom we are committed to continue to improve the facilities and to keep up with repairs and maintenance. We have recently repointed the back wall and repaired some of the damp patches that threatened the wall and will be replacing the boiler in the new year in order to make it more efficient. 

I hope that this explains the situation and justifies the increases. We also hope it does not deter people from hiring this excellent facility at the heart of the village. Any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting Geoff Love – Chairman, at or 07719 944790

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