Donation FAQs

These FAQs have been prepared to provide answers for people wishing to apply for the fund and those wishing to make a donation to it. Please select form the choices below:

Making an application

Q:      Who is entitled to apply to the fund?

A:       Anybody who lives in the Civil Parish of Titchmarsh and has lost all or most of their income due to the Covid-19 emergency and is not able to get or has not yet got funding from Government. You will be expected to have looked into and applied for the relevant Government sources of income and benefits.

Q:      How should I apply to the fund?

A:       You should apply on-line to or by letter marked “Support Fund” which can either be dropped off at the Shop or posted c/o Titchmarsh Village Shop, 1 The Green, Titchmarsh NN14 3DA

Q:      What should I put in my application?

A:       In this application you should explain why you need funding – what has happened to your income and how long you expect to be without funds. You should indicate what steps you have taken to access Government funding. You will also need to give details of how many people are in your household and dependent on you.

Q:      How will I know if my application has been accepted?

A:       You will receive a letter from Supportfund@Titchmarsh which will explain the outcome from the Panel and setting out the terms of any award.

Q:      Who is on the Panel?

A:       The Panel has been drawn from the community but it has been decided to keep their identities confidential.

Q:      How will I receive money?

A:       You will receive an amount credited to your Village Shop account each week. If you do not already have an account then you will need to open one. This is quite a simple process, and many villagers already have a Shop account. Just ask for a form at the Shop or give them a ring on 730727.  When opening an account you should not mention Supportfund@Titchmarsh. 

Q:      How much credit will I get?

A:       The amount you get will depend on how many people are in your household. There will be fixed amounts awarded for single person households, couples and families. Your letter will tell you how much.

Q:      What happens if the funding from Government comes through or I get a job?

A:       You will be expected to advise the Support Fund and to withdraw from the Fund so that the money can be used for people still in need. If you are able to and want to, then you can refund some of the money. There is no expectation; but remember it might help another family.

Q:      What kind of things can I use my credit to buy?

A:       You will be expected to use the Fund to buy basic foodstuffs and other household products to look after you (and your family). The Fund should not be used to buy cigarettes or alcohol. An occasional treat, particularly for children, is fine. The panel reserves the right to withdraw funding if they feel that the account is not being used for its intended purpose.

Q:      What if the credit is not enough?

A:       The amounts offered are based on a “basket of goods” representing a reasonable amount for your household size. However, if you are really finding this is not enough then contact and the level of award for your size of household will be reviewed. However, please remember that the overall size of the Fund is limited and it may not be possible to increase the level of credit.

Q:      Can I overdraw my Shop account?

A:       Although accounts might drift over to complete a shop, if the account builds up a large debt or is consistently in debt the Panel reserve the right to temporarily suspend use of the account until the weekly grant has paid off the debt.

Q:      Can I get cash back from my Shop account?

A:       No, the account is for the purchase of basic foodstuffs and household essentials.

Q:      Who will review my Shop account and how?

A:       The person topping up the account each week will review it monthly. If that person sees anything unusual about the use of the account they will print off statements for the Panel to review. These statements will be anonymised.

Q:      How can I be sure that my identity will be kept secret?

A:       Your application will be received by the Chair of the Panel considering applications. After logging your letter that person will take any personal details off the application so that the Panel will consider each application on its merits without knowing who it is from. The only other person to know your identity will be the person putting the credit on your account each week.  Those two people have made a commitment to Support@Titchmarsh to keep all identity information strictly confidential. 

Making a donation

Q:      How do I make a donation?

A:       There are a number of ways to donate:

  • a Paypal button on the village website (you do not need a Paypal account) *.
  • via BACS to Titchmarsh PCC; 40-44-16; 21119435 Ref: Support Fund *
  • cheque made payable to “Titchmarsh PCC” with Support Fund written on the back and left in the Shop in an envelope marked “Support Fund” *
  • cash left at the Shop in an envelope marked “Support Fund” *
  • an optional £2 donation through the till when you shop

* Can be gift aided, please contact Jackie Rowe if you need a Gift Aid form.

Q:      Why is the Church Bank Account being used?

A:       The Church bank account already exists (it takes a long time to set up a new account) so this is practical and there are no restrictions on what it can be used for. The Church bank account already handles the money raised by the Village Fete. These funds are accounted for separately and are auditable. Separate accounts will be produced for the Titchmarsh Support Fund. It also means that the Church can cover any short-term shortfalls in the Fund.

Q:      If I set up a regular donation how long is this likely to go on for and when should I stop?

A:       This is difficult, as no one knows how long this emergency or its effects will go on for. You should think carefully about what you are prepared to commit to. Obviously, a regular donation will be much appreciated but you should not commit to more than you can afford.

Q:      How can I be sure that my donation is being used as intended?

A:       Administration of the Fund is via the Church bank account.  The Church has charitable status and its administration must follow legally defined controls.  The Church is subject to annual independent review (similar to a financial audit).  The Panel is composed of a cross-section of our community with a remit to be fair and impartial in the allocation of funds and to maintain an oversight of the Fund’s operation.

Q:      What happens if there is not enough money in the fund to cover all the applicants?

A:       Firstly, there may be a need to reduce the weekly amounts awarded to recipients and secondly there would be a further appeal for donations. The church has offered to cover any temporary shortfalls.

Q:      What happens to any money left over after the emergency has ended?

A:       Depending on how much, if any, money is left over, it will be donated to charity, distributed to main village groups, used to contribute to a village celebration, or a combination of these purposes.

If you wish to GiftAid your donation the online system will provide a form for you to download and complete.

Alternatively, if you wish to GiftAid a donation made by BACS you can download the form below.

If you need a GiftAid form please click here »

All GiftAid forms should be returned to the Village Shop and placed inside the donation box on the counter.

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