Dovely Sourdough Bakery Open Day

Come Along and See before you Buy!
We offer tasting
This is Pure Sourdough Bread Baked using a 5000 year old method!
All additive free, best for us and our environment
We will have…
Extra Long Fermented gut friendly loaves,
“Navigator” White and crusty Batons,
New “Wesley” batch loaves for slicing
Chilli, Charcoal Detox
Poplars, stoneground wholemeal
NEW Harissa roasted potato and feta cheese
AND… Bauernbrot half dark rye rustic loaf
….And These Tasty Morsels….
Chocolate Brownies with white choc chip
Cinnamon Buns of course
Ginger snaps and Ginger Nobs
Sambal Oelek Chilli Sauce
Dovely Dunkers oatie Biscuits, Good Energy Cereal Bars,
Twice Baked and Long & Crisp Sourdough Crackers
NEW! Cruffins, Proper Vegan and Nut Free Granola
INTRODUCING! Dovely Double D Cupcakes!
Seats will be out for you!
Parking is easy – Contactless Payment Available

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