Drawing For Mind and Soul

ART CLASSES – Titchmarsh Pavilion Starting Sat 17th Sept and Wed 28th Sept 2022

If you are interested in art for your mental well-being, or simply to develop your skills, these classes can support you whatever your level.


Titchmarsh Art Classes were established by Norma Gregory over 26 years ago and on her recommendation is now run by David Sandell at Titchmarsh village Pavilion from 10am-3pm every month. Classes are suitable for all levels; the aim is to enjoy the process of drawing and painting while gaining an understanding of the fundamentals to help build confidence and enable students to draw anything.

David’s background is as an illustrator and designer; the focus of his personal work in pencil and oils currently covers portraiture, landscapes and seascapes.

SATURDAY 10am-3pm – General Art Class (kept at £25 for 2022)

The Saturday art class deals with a different subject each month using a range of media (e.g. pencil, pastel, pen and ink, watercolour). However, attendees are welcome to use other materials and work on their own projects if they wish. For each session a subject will be suggested in advance and the lesson will also cover a technique or specific aspect of art.

WEDNESDAY 10am-3pm – Botanical/Nature Class (kept at £25 for 2022)

The Wednesday class set up by Norma was originally a botanical class, however any natural history subject matter is relevant and once again students can work on their own project if they wish and ask for guidance during the session.

The aim is to retain a strong botanical or natural history aspect to these sessions.

EVENING – Life Drawing and Figurative Class (NEW for 2023, prices tbc.)

Life drawing and portraiture is something David is very keen to develop as a separate class. The initial idea is for an evening life drawing class with a clothed model in interesting or period costume using studio lighting to help develop an understanding of human form and the contrasting textures of skin, fabric and supporting props.

Future dates for the class for the rest of the year – usually 3rd week and 5th each month are as follows:

2022 (Sat and Wed)

  • Sept 17 and 28
  • Oct 15 and 26
  • Nov 19 and 30
  • Dec no classes

2023 (Sat and Wed)

  • Jan 21 and 25
  • Feb 18 and 22
  • Mar 18 and 29
  • Apr 15 and 26
  • May 20 and 31
  • Jun 17 and 28

If you are interested in any of the above classes, please contact David for further information.

Contact: David Sandell
email: info@davidsandell.co.uk
Tel: 07801 457515

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