There have been a number of occasions in recent history when small rural communities like Titchmarsh have found themselves under some kind of threat or disruption because of an unforeseen incident or accident. These can range from the relatively minor, say an accident involving one or two people, to the major where the whole community is affected. Villages hit the headlines most often when crime is involved, and this can happen anywhere. But there are other events to which certain villages are more susceptible than others because of factors of geography and location.

The proximity of Titchmarsh to two major roads, the A14 and the A605 is one such factor. Problems of access through heavy snowfall or flooding is another. When an incident occurs, there is inevitably a delay before the emergency services can be on the scene. If there is a major incident it may well be that the village may be called on to provide support in the form of shelter for a longer period. Even if the incident is resolved relatively quickly, it is important that there is a collaborative strategy that enables the emergency services and the community to work together as effectively as possible.

For more detail and procedures please contact Emma Morehen the Parish Clerk