Fete Set-up – Help Appreciated!

It is almost time for the village Fete! This Saturday, Titchmarsh will welcome a huge flood of people from surrounding communities who will descend on our village for our biggest event of the year.

Before that can happen, of course, we have to set things up!

On Friday evening at 6pm, the process of setting up the Titchmarsh Village Fete will begin.

There are 4 or 5 large marquees that need to be erected along with unpacking all of the tables and chairs required for the event. There are also several smaller tents and lots of other bits and pieces that need to be done.

If you are free to help then please come along and lend a hand!

These things don’t happen by accident. Many hands really do make light work! If you can spare an hour or two, then come along and be a part of it. The operation is somewhat reminiscent of the barn building scene from the film The Witness – possibly with fewer beards and with Stephen Barber standing in for Harrison Ford…

Joking aside, the more people who get stuck in from 6pm, the sooner the job will be done. According to the Beeb weather forecasters, Saturday is going to be an absolute scorcher. So some along at 6pm on Friday, lend a hand – then we can all enjoy the day on Saturday.

It’s great fun! 😊

PS. If anyone has a van, pick-up or trailer and would like to help transport a few things, please meet at the Pavilion at the top of Dryden’s Close on Friday at 5pm.

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