Financial records

Titchmarsh Parish Council is funded by precept from North Northamptonshire Council.  Titchmarsh Parish Council has financial responsibilities, the main ones being – our Clerk’s salary, streetlighting, insurance, grass cutting, maintenance and repairs of village assets and Titchmarsh Times productions.    We are governed by Financial Regulations and other policies to ensure that the public funds we administer are held safely and spent wisely, in accordance with the law.

Council Budget & Precept 2024/2025

The budget for the financial year from the 1st April 2024 to the 31st March 2025 was prepared by the Parish Council and ratified in December 2023. As a result of the budget, a Precept demand for £21,000 was made on North Northamptonshire Council.

Details of the current years finances are shown below, along with our Asset Register.   A full set of our Standing Orders and Financial Regulations can be found on our Policies and Procedures page.

Quarterly Accounts

Council members review income and expenditure figures each quarter.  This years quarterly income and expenditure statements can be are viewed at the bottom of this page.

Annual Accounts

The council’s year end is 31st March.  The latest annual figures, showing income and expenditure for the year, along with a bank reconciliation can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Annual Statement

On the completion of the financial year the Parish Council is required to complete an Annual Governance and Accounting Statement.   The latest Statement can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Annual audit report

Our annual accounts and governance statements, along with the years minutes, accounts and procedures are subject to an internal audit each year, by an auditor allocated by Northamptonshire County Association of Local Councils.  The latest report can be viewed below.

Asset Register

Assets owned by Titchmarsh Parish Council are formally recorded, and reviewed annually.  The latest asset register can be viewed in the finance files below, together with a copy of the annual insurance schedule of cover.

Finance Files