Flying Teddy Recruits Wanted!

Once upon a time, in a small village known for its peculiar traditions, there was a group of teddy bears who found themselves embarking on an extraordinary adventure. It all began when the village’s annual Teddy Bear Convention coincided with the nearby village Fete. As the villagers brainstormed ways to make the event unforgettable, someone came up with the genius idea of having a group of teddy bears parachute from the church roof. Yes, you heard it right, skydiving teddy bears!

Now, these brave teddies weren’t your average cuddly toys. They were specially trained in bear-sized parachutes and had nerves of steel. As the day of the grand event arrived, the villagers gathered in anticipation, craning their necks to witness the spectacle. The teddy bears, with their miniature helmets and goggles, nervously huddled together on the church rooftop, exchanging worried glances that seemed to say, “Are we absolutely sure about this?”

And then, with a collective “bear-y” brave spirit, the teddy bears leaped off the roof one by one, parachutes billowing behind them. As they descended gracefully, the villagers watched in awe mixed with uncontrollable giggles. The sight of teddy bears soaring through the air was a sight to behold — a fluffy rainbow of parachutes gently descending onto the church lawn. The brave teddy had successfully brought their own brand of whimsy and adventure to the fete. The people in the surrounding towns and villages couldn’t stop talking about it and so flying teddies became an annual event. Who knew that teddy bears could be such daredevils?

All true…!

New Recruits wanted!

At the end of the Village Fete on Saturday, the teddys will once again take to the sky as they are launched from the top of the church. The winner is the one that stays aloft for the longest time. Many people bring their own teddys to the event, kitted out with specially designed parachutes. However, the vast majority of teddies are chosen from a selection which have been donated. Some veterans have been flying for years. Others drift off never to be seen again…

This year we’re a bit low on numbers and we desperately need some new recruits! If you have a teddy who would like to become a daredevil, then please consider donating him or her. It doesn’t actually have to be a teddy. Any fluffy toy – large or small – will do. Simply drop them off with Paul and Lucy Milner at 2 Park Farm Court – just off the High Street. If Paul and Lucy aren’t home, leave your brave toys on the bench next to the front door.

Thanks. 😊

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