Glebe Land Sale – Review Update

Way back in early September we reported that Donald Allister, Bishop of Peterborough had asked the Diocesan Board of Finance to review the social and economic impacts of its proposal to promote the development of Titchmarsh glebe land.  After a long silence (and not a little prodding), the diocese recently informed Titchmarsh PCC that the review is now being convened under the chairmanship of the Bishop of Brixworth, John Holbrook, who is effectively the Assistant Bishop of Peterborough.  Interestingly, Bishop John spent a significant part of his early career working in small rural churches in the Salisbury Diocese, so he is (hopefully) no stranger to rural communities and their concerns .

Bishop John has invited our Rector, Brian Withington, and churchwarden Stephen Barber, to present Titchmarsh PCC’s position to the review group on Thursday 29th October, a prospect Brian and Stephen are looking forward to as Titchmarsh’s case against the option sale is a strong one. 

For more background on the questions facing Bishop John’s review group click here.

In related news, the “Our Valley Under Threat” video, directed by villager Tony Knivett, has surpassed 1,000 views on YouTube!

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