Good Friday – Shop closes at 12.30pm

It’s Good Friday today and the shop managers and volunteers are looking forward to an afternoon off…so if you need to stock up for the weekend, pop in and see us this morning.

Our first batch of Easter eggs sold out yesterday, but a new delivery of Cadbury eggs arrived in the afternoon, so chocolate is definitely on the menu this weekend.

On Wednesday, you may have noticed a splash of spring colour outside the shop as Tandee nursery brought us 6 varieties of tomato plant plus some vibrant perennials. Again, these sold out very quickly, but a new delivery arrived late yesterday afternoon so we can expect some impressive tomato chutneys at the village produce show later in the year.

If you are planning to dust off the BBQ this weekend, then our Grasmere sausages or pork and apple burgers might be just what you are looking for…

So if you are planning to spend Easter at home (..that’ll be everybody!) then we would like to wish you a Happy Easter from the village shop.

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