Greg’s Vehicle Returned

The removal of Greg’s 4×4 from the edge of the village stirred some powerful emotions and opinions in recent days. However, just as supporters were making plans to find him a new home things took a very unexpected turn. The Chief Constable for Northamptonshire Police, Nick Adderley, made a surprising intervention. He Tweeted that Greg’s car would be returned.

He said:

Update re Greg’s vehicle being seized:You will appreciate that I cannot disclose any personal information in relation to Greg or any offences he may or may not have commited. I am aware that Greg was housed last night, we are going to see him later.

We are going to work with Greg to find a suitable (off road) location for his vehicle to be placed, and I will arrange for his vehicle to be relocated there, at no expense to him. We will continue to explore other opportunities to help find him a more appropriate place to live.

This brings into stark focus the issue of homelessness and choices that individuals make regarding how they wish to live their lives. We will ensure that Greg is supported, best we can. Officers stayed with him for two hours yesterday, attempting to help and support him.

Nick Adderley on Twitter

Later that day, Greg’s car could be seen back in its usual spot on Plum Pudding Hill.

Photo by Donna Jawo

First and foremost this is a very positive outcome for Greg. It must have been very distressing to lose his home and his possessions in the manner they were taken from him. Now Greg, the Police and the wider community, must come together to see how best he can continue to live the life he has chosen to lead in a more safe and settled way.

Greg’s GoFundMe page currently stands at £2,712! More…

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