Hammer time toffee at the Village Shop…

Back when we were young, clutching our Saturday sixpence, we would rush off to the corner shop for our weekly sugar fix – we had Sherbet Fountains, Jubblies, Curlywurlys and of course traditional tray toffee to choose from.

Well great news – toffee slabs are back with three great flavours – Original, Treacle and exotic Liquorice…but (I hear you ask), what is the best way to transform your toffee slab into bite size pieces? Some would suggest that a hammer is the best option, but you do need to choose your hammer carefully…

Back in 1990 a popular choice was MC Hammer whose catchy tune “U Can’t Touch This” reached No 3 in the UK charts.

He was also responsible for the revival of parachute pants – which were originally introduced to the world by mid-19th century radical feminists with links to Swiss sanatoriums, where the harem style pants allowed for freedom of movement when exercising! …however, this type of hammer is no use whatsoever for breaking up toffee – the ideal tool for the job is a toffee hammer (if you don’t have one to hand, you could try eBay, where original Birds Toffee Hammers can sell for up to £10!).

If you don’t have a hammer, you can lay your toffee on a stout surface and give it a whack with the back of a dessert spoon – but do remember to keep it wrapped up to avoid spearing the nose of your curious Labrador (*) with flying toffee shards.

So there you have it – pop into the Village Shop and for just 90p you can enjoy a taste of nostalgia in the comfort of your own home.

(*) Other dog breeds are available…

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